terça-feira, 28 de dezembro de 2010

Book of the day. 27/12/2010

This was literaly a book of the day. I got for Christmas and the plot seemed ok.
Well, the book is "Juliet" by Anne Fortier. The story is about a 25-year-old girl who after her aunt's death finds out there's more to her family history than she could have imagined. Then she goes to Italy to try to figure out what it is.
I guess I shouldn't say much more, but I can tell you I wasn't able to put the book down after I started reading. I finished it in about ten hours. And loved it. If you like dan Brown, this is your next book.

It was clearly against my new "non-book-buying" policy, but I liked it, so I guess it was OK.

(I'm waiting 'till I get my Nook in late January, then I can buy everything I want to read and not get stuck with tons of books I can't store. But I still LOVE my books ok?)

quarta-feira, 27 de outubro de 2010

All I want for Christmas is you.

I don't want a lot for Christmas
There is just one thing I need
I don't care about the presents
Underneath the Christmas tree
I just want you for my own
More than you could ever know
Make my wish come true...
All I want for Christmas is
You... yea yea

I don't want a lot for Christmas
There is just one thing I need
(and I) Don't care about presents
Underneath the Christmas tree
I don't need to hang my stocking
There upon the fireplace
Santa Claus won't make me happy
With a toy on Christmas day
I just want you for my own
More than you could ever know
Make my wish come true
All I want for Christmas is you...
You baby

Oh I won't ask for much this Christmas
I won't even wish for snow
(and I) I'm just gonna keep on waiting
Underneath the mistletoe
I won't make a list and send it
To the North Pole for Saint Nick
I won't even stay awake to
Hear those magic reindeer click
'Cause I just want you here tonight
Holding on to me so tight
What more can I do
Baby all I want for Christmas is you
You baby

All the lights are shining
So brightly everywhere (so brightly yea)
And the sound of children's
Laughter fills the air
And everyone is singing (oh yea)
I hear those sleigh bells ringing
Santa won't you bring me the one I really need -
won't you please bring my baby to me...

Oh I don't want a lot for Christmas
This is all I'm asking for
I just want to see baby
Standing right outside my door
Oh I just want you for my own
More than you could ever know
Make my wish come true
Baby all I want for Christmas is
You (You) baby

All I want for Christmas is you baby... (repeat)

I know it's way too soon for this kind of song, but how cute is it??

segunda-feira, 27 de setembro de 2010

Casa Cor Rio.

Ai, como eu fico feliz quando vou a esses eventos... Quem reconheceria em mim aquela criatura que não dava a mínima pra roupas nem nada do gênero??

quinta-feira, 23 de setembro de 2010

Randomly collected I.

As I realize my google reader is getting waaay out of control, I'm considering new ways to keep all the nice things I've been collecting in the past months...

So, I thought I should keep everything here, just waiting for the day when I might actually use any of these things.

1- This DIY fabric print tutorial from HowAboutOrange.com

Isn't it pretty?? I love simple patterns, especially if I can make them at home.

2- How cute can this new class by Elsie be?? I love her blog, and everytime she starts something new I get so excited.

More later...

segunda-feira, 23 de agosto de 2010

Bad news, Bad memories.

I read a blog post right now. One that made me pretty sad. It was about a cherished one's loss. It made me relive all the pain and suffering I had some time ago. All the sorrow I still have in my life. It made me go through all the steps again. It made me cry. Again.

Le, I'm so sorry for your loss. When I say I know what something like this means, I'm serious.

I miss him. With all my heart.

domingo, 22 de agosto de 2010

Dream home.

I just found these photographs on Apartment Therapy. They pretty much show exactly the place where I'd like to live someday: clean, organized, beautiful and well designed. Oh, the dreams we have...

Oh, the inspiration...

I love how ideas can become so connected and we don't even realize it.
Last week, I found this blog: doedeereblogazine.com, and it made me much more want to dye my hair red. I really like red hair, and I've been wanting to change my hair for a while.
Then, during the week, I realized it might be good to have a sort of a transition, and realized there are some things I've always wanted to do (or at least a part of me has always wanted). And one of them is to have some kind of different color on my hair. Like pink on the tips of my hair. I swear I almost got out of the car yesterday (which was not a very good family day) and came back home to find a salon where I could have my hair dyed pink. Not all of it, obviously, but the tips would look very nice if I put some color...
The point is, I've been trying to gather some courage to put up with all the comments that will come when I do it, and then today, when I downloaded the 20th prompt of the 2009 Learn Something New class, there it was!! First she describes how pink is her "happy color" and she eventually made it her signature color, and how she even dyed part of her hair pink, then she says:

"If this prompt has made you completely stuck for something that is your signature, then time to think about that! If a friend described you to someone else, what would they say? It's never too late to develop or change your personal style, so if you feel the need to wear pink or green or yellow with purple polka dots all week and try it out, then go for it! You have a class full of crafty types to cheer you on!"

Oh, Lord, what's a girl to do??

Discipline. Week 4. + Movie of the day 21/08: Breakfast at Tiffany's. + Online classes.

I like it. Very much. After watching both Roman Holiday and Sabrina (twice) I realized I might be postponing Breakfast at Tiffany's, 'cause I was not sure I would like it, and I very much wanted to.

So yesterday I just took it out of the box and watched. And I loved it. I loved Paul V-A-R-J-A-K, and the Doc. Ooh, the Doc is so cute. And it made me want to have a pet even more. A cat named Cat.

Oh, my...

So, that goal of going to all my classes. It almost worked. I skipped only one, on wednesday morning. And I'm quite sorry for it. I'm going this week. And I'm also gonna buy one of those books to study for that exam I applied to. I'll buy it tomorrow so I can have the rest of the week to study. Every day.

And after taking that first online class with Shimelle, I decided to try another one, with a different focus.I'm taking this year's Learn Something New Every Day. And since the class doesn't start until the first of Septenber, I've been trying my luck with last year's prompts, which are posted on the forum. I don't intend to follow the class strictly, making a page every single day only in September, but I've already started using a sketchbook I bought on Barnes & Noble last January. That way, I can use the book's kraft pages and don't have to worry about picking matching papers every time I make a page. (And by the way I don't make my pages every day. I just try to have a lesson every day, or as many days as possible, and then when I feel like it I assemble a page.)

Oh, and I sooo very much want my boyfriend to get better. I hate it when he gets ill.

segunda-feira, 16 de agosto de 2010

Discipline. Week 3. + Movie of the day 16/08: Star Wars - The Empire Strikes Back.

First of all, I have to say I intended to go to class today. But for the first time my boyfriend actually asked me not to go. Weird huh???
Then, going back to business, my goal this week (after a few weeks doing almost nothing) is to go to every single class I have. At college, at my course and back to the italian course too. Rain or shine, tired or not, I'm going.
I even bought a cutecutecute notebook for this semester. Let's hope it gives me some motivation.

So, why did he ask me to come home?? Because today is the 16th! 2years, 5months.
And what did we do? Continue the saga, duh!! Star Wars!!
Yeah, I may not like my college and this might make it quite challenging for me to keep with my love of studying, but I'm still quite a NERD!! And proud of it!

PS: I can't get the idea of getting bangs out of my head. Again. And red hair too. I want it soooooooo much. *sigh* Check out this blog: http://www.doedeereblogazine.com/

Movie of the day 15/08: Star Wars - A New Hope.

As I didn't know what to ask for as a birthday gift, I told my boyfriend he could give me any of the DVDs of the movies I like. Preferably one he liked too.

So, yesterday, due to a very late delivery, I got the old Star Wars trilogy. And, as we were already at his fathe's house for lunch, we got a little movie session.

I'm not a huge fan of the new trilogy, but I looove the old one. And for me, the "fourth" episode will always be the first. As weird as it is...

sábado, 14 de agosto de 2010

Movie of the day 13/08: Sabrina.

I really prefer the 1995 version. Not that I don't love Audrey's Sabrina, but when I look at Humphrey Bogart as Linus Larabee, all I can think about is my grandpa...

Linus Larabee can never be anyone but Harrison Ford. Sorry Mister Bogart.

Movie of the day 13/08: Inception.

Oh, well. I guess all I can really say is that the movie is quite like I had imagined it. And that's not much of a compliment...

Gonna watch Sabrina again.


P: Eu tenho que testar três heurísticas.
L: Três quem??
P: Três heurísticas.
L: Três quem??

Ha! Eu sempre soube que não era a única...
That makes me happy for the day.

sexta-feira, 13 de agosto de 2010

Movie of the day: Roman Holiday.

Last January, in Orlando I pretty much freaked out at the Best Buy store. All of my favorite and adored movies and series in one place, and for much less money then they usually cost in Brazil!! I managed to hold up really well until on the last time we went there I had to get a box of Audrey Hepburn movies...

Today I finally watched Roman Holiday. I love it! So cute and so very much makes me want to buy my ticket today!!

(I actually wanted to watch the 1995 version of Sabrina, but I haven't bought that one yet... too bad.)

By the way, yesterday was great. I don't think I ever had such a nice and pleasant birthday...

quarta-feira, 21 de julho de 2010

Projects, Photography and a bit more.

Had I mentioned this class?? I've finally decided to take an online class. I actually took the Scrap World Cup online class with Celine Navarro before this one, but it wasn't really what I want. But... this one is. I'm loving it, even though I haven't really started taking the pictures, I love how Shimelle takes us through the lessons, how naturally everything seems to flow.
I'm trying to start taking pictures, which I think I might get to do tomorrow. I'll try to take the prompts and challenges one at a time, and try to makke my own pace. It will definitely be fun.

Yesterday I found online the manual for my mother's camera. I'm trying to take everything in so that maybe I can actually get to use it for the first time in almost five years. I even took a couple of pictures today of the gorgeous view I have at work... But I have to confess I'm getting a little worried about the whole "photographing with film" thing. I haven't done that in quite a long time and I had forgotten how weird it feels not to know how the pictures are going to turn out. I guess that's the reason I got so interested in lomography a couple of months ago. Lomography makes this "not knowing feeling" becone the actual reason to photograph. (By the way, I'm still considering buying a lomography camera. I just think maybe I should get used to a normal one before I embrace a new adventure.)

And talking about cameras, the other one I'm pretty interested in is the Fuji Instax. I first read about it a couple of months ago and it stole my attention right away. I always loved the fascination of polaroids, which I used to think were pretty fantastic as a child. (No, I never had one... Sad...) Well, I was considering if I want a lomo, an instax or my mother's camera for my birthday, but since I already got this last one, I was thinking that if I actually get to use it in the 3 weeks left before my birthday I might ask for one. It would make the perfect birthday present (if it came with a bunch of boxes of film, obviously...).

And last but not least it's boyfriend's birthday friday. And I'm still not happy at all with his present... I wanted to find something really nice to give him, but it's getting quite hard. Oh, my...

segunda-feira, 12 de julho de 2010

Discipline. Week 2.

I have been trying to create some discipline in my life. I know I need to go slowly, otherwise it won't work. I have some real problems sticking to my own discipline rules, but I'll try to convince myself, after all, if college and work are not making me feel more disciplined, I have to do it myself.

The two exams I mentioned on my last posts are gone, and I think I might even have gone well.

Now I need to focus on the one I hope will be my last exam this term. I don't think this one will be so difficult, so I'm not particularly worried about it. I just need to study a little.

And then, I will be left with all the craft and creating things I want to do. I admit I have a super hard time commiting to anything crafty, no matter how much I like it. I'm taking an online photography and Scrapbooking class, and I kinda stole my mother's old film camera yesterday, so I'm thinking maybe I'll be able to finish this. Who knows??

That's my project for this month.

domingo, 4 de julho de 2010


I'm trying to achieve a few goals around here. I basically have 3 things to do over the next seven days:

I have an exam at college on thursday, so I have to read about 400 pages 'till then.

I have an italian exam on saturday, so I need to figure out how to write an essay in italian (which I haven't done a single time...)

And, since my wardrobe was again reaching a critic level, all my clothes have been living on my bed for the last week. I'm trying to figure out which ones I want to keep and which ones to donate. Meanwhile, I try to put them back in the wardrobe as nicely as I possibly can.

By the way, tonight was fun. Talking to some nice people at a nice party. Me likes that!

domingo, 2 de maio de 2010

1001 movies to see before you die.

Last year, on my birthday I went with my mother and sister to the Fnac store on Barra Shopping. Since I had, as usual, no idea as to what she could give me as a birthday present, I chose a book I had been meaning to get for a while: 1001 Filmes Para Ver Antes de Morrer.

Obviously, due to my complete lack of capacity to reach a goal, I haven't really sat to watch the movies, but since i had already watched a bunch of them by the time I bought it, and I never really stopped watching movies, eventually I end up getting to watch some of them.
So, today I was reading "Age of Extremes" and I got to a chapter Hobsbawn dedicates to the arts from 1914 to 1945. And he obviously mentions a few of the movies I meant to watch from the 1001 list. So, I picked up the book from the shelf and realized I never checked the boxes for the movies I've already watched. (I'm thinking of putting a new goal on my long list. I'd like to have all these movies I've really liked to watch on DVD. Not only downloaded from the internet, but the real thing, you know?)

Well, let's get to work!!
(I'm going from the newest movies to the old ones, ok?? I think it's a bit easier this way)

Atonement (2007).

I really liked this movie, but on the very moment the credits started rolling I knew it would take a looong time for me to watch it again. The movie really is great, the story is perfectly led, the acting is wonderful, but the meaning of the final twist in the plot is completely overwhelming. I felt like there were a million pounds of weight over me when I finished it. But I would still highly recommend it to anyone.

domingo, 25 de abril de 2010

Saturday afternoon...

I've spent most of my afternoon looking for nice things online. I've found a bunch of ansolutely amazing blogs in english, italian and portuguese, I've found wonderful shoes online, and realized that even though I'm not gonna be able to fufill every single shopping wish I have, I deserve a little bit of spoiling every now and then. I definitely do.

So... before I post here all the gorgeous things I found today, I'm assembling a couple of wishlists.

One of them is a list of books, cds and dvs I really love but never got the courage to pay for.

The other consists of beautiful clothes and shoes i'd absolutely love to wear and, again, was never brave enough to buy.

Yeah, I think I'm doing it this time...

sábado, 24 de abril de 2010

New old connections.

The day before yesterday I made contact with someone I hadn’t really seen or talked to in 4 years. I found Leticia on André’s profile on facebook and decided to give it a try. I added her as a friend and sent her a message. I just felt like it has been way too long and there’s no good reason for it anymore. We talked a little and the result is that we both agree we could try again and meet sometime. If I could choose, we would do something tomorrow, but as usual she’s too busy for that. I told her as soon as she has some free time we can do something.
It’s weird to talk to her again. We’ve spent so much time not talking that I don’t really know what to do. Or say. I just missed her. There was no other person I could talk so freely. Ever. All the other girls are just… girls. They are just the same. They care about things I don’t, They talk about things I don’t really wanna hear, they want me to say stuff I don’t necessarily think. I kinda hate it. I miss being able to really give my own opinion. I don’t know many people who allow me to do it. Most of the people I know just tell me how “boring”/”silly”/”whatever” the things I like are. I don’t like it when I have to think before I say what I think. Especially when the thinking involves “who am I talking to????”. Aff. I need some new people around me. Or some old people who can show some respect.

Well, that's it for today. And also I've been getting more and more certain about the fact that I have waaaay more energy than I'm able to spend. And it really gets in my nerves by the end of the day.
Need to do something about it!

sexta-feira, 23 de abril de 2010

Fashion blogs.

Sometimes (if not most of the times...) I feel really sorry about living in brazil. There are many reasons why I feel this, but lately the main one has been the shopping.

I recently figured out why people wear so many cool stuff in other countries. I realized that the most important and cool brands don't necessarily cost an arm and a leg out of Brazil. And I envy that. Especially when I bump into such cool blogs, like LeBlogDeBetty (www.leblogdebetty.com).
Betty is a french girl and she has the most beautiful pictures of herself wearing cool clothes in her everyday life. I love her clothes. Especially her boots. They are all so beautiful... Sigh...

Oh,well, I'll keep looking for beautiful things to cheer up my weekend.

quinta-feira, 22 de abril de 2010


As a kid, I used to be soooo shy. Some of it hasn't changed much over the years but I've learned a lot about not caring about what other people think.
But the problem is that I can't learn how to deal with my own thoughts and assumptions. It's easy to ignore what people think. You just have to hold your head high and not hear what they say. But when you're limited by your own mind, things get much harder. I've been really sad in the last few days, and for some reason I haven't been able to change it. To make myself feel better. Do you have any idea how hard it is??

Today I had to go out so I tried to go to a few stores in the hope of finding some cool clothes (I want to buy some new ones so I can feel less guilty about giving away the old ones) but I couldn't get a single piece!! I either didn't like them or didn't have the courage to go inside the store, try them on and everything. What's going on?? I've always had some trouble buying things, but now it's getting way out of control...
And I hate it.

I'm trying to find things I like and to convince myself that I deserve them. Maybe I should work a little harder on some aspects, but I know I deserve it!!!

Well, I'm getting there. Somehow I will.

PS: I hate my internet connection... It keeps coming and going. Urgh!

quinta-feira, 11 de março de 2010


Io penso che sarebbe meglio essere sempre una piccola bambina che vivere senza il mio nonno. Forse le cose che io scrivo in italiano non fanno senzo, ma questo è solo lo che pensa una giovani che voglia stare con il suo nonno, che voglia vederlo, che voglia parlare con lui una volta piu.

domingo, 21 de fevereiro de 2010

Cheering up.

Sorry about my last post. But I just think this is supposed to be my blog, where I can write whatever I want, whether people would like to read it or not. I don't have many readers anyway, so I usually don't worry much about it.

But I'm trying to cheer myself up, even though things have been even worse today. I have to focus on pretty, wonderful things when stuff like that happens. We all know shit happens and we have to learn to deal with it. I'm dealing with it by focusing on pretty things.

As I have said before, I'm addicted to craft blogs. And they have some of the most beautiful images ever. Oh, and so does weheartit.

So these last few days I've been drowned by beauty. And I love it.

I thought I'd share a few of the pictures I've been seen. I'm sorry I can't remember where I found them, but most of them were found via weheartit.com (I totally love it!)

All the pictures are somehow related to light or sparkles. They are both beautiful...

(I'm a huge London fan. I fell in love with England some time ago. Like, seriously in love.)

(Yep, Paris is a passion too. But who doesn't dream about Paris??)

(I'm hugely into nail polish lately. Don't know why, but it may be because of all the cute colors...)

I'm tired. Not fisically tired, but I really need a break. I know I had a vacation, like, until 2 weeks ago, but going on such a stressful trip is not a break. I just want to go somewhere nice, have nice people around me, and, I don't know... maybe make some new friends. Not that I don't love my friends, but sometimes I get a little tired of their lack of interest in each other's lives. I miss the time when I had five different people to talk to when I was confused, and even though nothing I said made sense at least one of them would get whatever I meant.

Growing up in my house was pretty hard, but sometimes I think it's worse now, 'cause now I not only feel bad, but most times I know why it happens, but I still don't think any of them will get it. This is actually making me quite crazy, 'cause I don't understand how anyone can feel better outside their own house, and not stand being with their family. Well, maybe I don't understand, but it happens to me quite a lot.

I have to admit I think the reason for my craziness about getting my room to be the way I dream is caused by this. I want my room to be my hiding place, whatever happens. I painted one of the walls bright yellow, I bought an Audrey Hepburn poster in Orlando, a Belle poster, my own laptop and I'm going around this tiny place trying to organize things so that one day it will be really the place I always wanted my bedroom to be.

This is my project. It is kind of a constant thing, but someday I'll turn this into the place I want...

(It was much more messy when I took this picture, but it was painting day...)

quinta-feira, 18 de fevereiro de 2010

Sun effects.

I feel like that little cow from Milka bars. I have different colors today. A big part of me is brown, I have a bunch of red spots and a little white, in some of the non-affected areas.
Let me explain: I went with boyfriend and some of his friends to the beach last sunday, and for some i reason I really tought I didn't need any sunscreen. Who did I think I was?? Urgh... bad bad girl, no donut for you... So, my back, shoulders and even a bit of my belly were totally red by the end of the day. I was feeling pretty much like a little tomato... And now, I'm a cow. I'll just hope I can get back to my natural color as soon as possible. Even though that is something like "indoor white".

Changing a little the subject, I plan on finishing a little embroidery project I have by tomorrow. I saw this on a totally cute blog and now I have absolutely no idea what to do with it...
Now I have to really start studying, because last week I found out the exam I was waiting for will be in a week and a half, and that's not much... I'm getting a little freaked out, but I still believe everything is gonna be fine and I'll have a new internship in no time!

quarta-feira, 17 de fevereiro de 2010

Ash wednesday.

I feel like a really happy child. Ever since we got home from our trip to orlando, two weeks ago, I had been planning on buying a cup of Nutella and eating it with Pringles. Yeah, it sounds kinda weird, but I assure you it tastes wonderful... I tried it when we were in Orlando, and loved it!! Well, today I bought Nutella. Maybe tomorrow I'll get some Pringles when I go to work (btw, working during carnival sucks...). Yey! A taste of perfection!

Anyway, I'm really enjoying this night at home watching, Glee, "Yours, mine and ours" and maybe doing a little embroidery later...

PS: I really need to get some exercise. I literally spent the last 5 or 6 days hanging around on the couch, watching tv and eating.

sexta-feira, 12 de fevereiro de 2010


Ok, I admit: I have a problem. Maybe an addiction.
I love craft. But I mean love, really love. Even as a child I would love any sort of craft I saw on tv, or on fairs... Maybe it's all grandma's fault, since she was the one who really raised me and she was not only a really good seamstress, but also knows how to knit, crochet and quite a few other things.
But anyway, now I am getting kinda obssessed with craft blogs. So pretty much every time I turn on my computer I "HAVE TO" check everything new every single blogger I like has posted.
But tell me, is it possible not to like any of these??


Oh, well, I guess I'm gonna have to learn to live with it... Maybe it' not that bad, huh?

PS: boyfriend just graduated from college last thursday. Now he is officially a masters student. Pretty scary if you ask me, but I'm soooo happy for him...

quarta-feira, 20 de janeiro de 2010

sábado, 2 de janeiro de 2010

One a.m.

It's 1 am and I'm totally thrilled watching a silly movie I've been meaning to watch for a long time.

Four years ago I went to England for my winter holidays (which in Brazil happen in July) to study english in a real british school. The building is a real school during the school year and during their holidays the place is rented and they have summer courses for teenage students for all around the world. I pretty much fell in love with the place. It is really old, big, like the traditional british country manor. I loved the rooms, beautiful stairs, the whole place was absolutely wonderful. It breathed of history, beauty and magnificence. I miss the place really much, and a while ago I found out there was a movie, called "Wildchild", that took place in that same building. The movie is quite girly and so teenagelike, but I really enjoyed it. I'm still watching, but I feel so good to see the whole place again...

Do you think Cobham Hall would accept a possible college drop out??
'Cause I really think a boarding school must rock!!

By the way, I really feel like reading "Alice in Wonderland" and "The Lord of the Rings". In English. Gosh, I think I'm really excited about this whole New Year energy. Could anyone imagine that??

sexta-feira, 1 de janeiro de 2010

Happy new year!

Hope this will be a nice year, with lots of accomplishments e realizations.

I already have a little list of things I want to do this year, and hopefully I will be able to complete at least a few of them...