domingo, 22 de agosto de 2010

Discipline. Week 4. + Movie of the day 21/08: Breakfast at Tiffany's. + Online classes.

I like it. Very much. After watching both Roman Holiday and Sabrina (twice) I realized I might be postponing Breakfast at Tiffany's, 'cause I was not sure I would like it, and I very much wanted to.

So yesterday I just took it out of the box and watched. And I loved it. I loved Paul V-A-R-J-A-K, and the Doc. Ooh, the Doc is so cute. And it made me want to have a pet even more. A cat named Cat.

Oh, my...

So, that goal of going to all my classes. It almost worked. I skipped only one, on wednesday morning. And I'm quite sorry for it. I'm going this week. And I'm also gonna buy one of those books to study for that exam I applied to. I'll buy it tomorrow so I can have the rest of the week to study. Every day.

And after taking that first online class with Shimelle, I decided to try another one, with a different focus.I'm taking this year's Learn Something New Every Day. And since the class doesn't start until the first of Septenber, I've been trying my luck with last year's prompts, which are posted on the forum. I don't intend to follow the class strictly, making a page every single day only in September, but I've already started using a sketchbook I bought on Barnes & Noble last January. That way, I can use the book's kraft pages and don't have to worry about picking matching papers every time I make a page. (And by the way I don't make my pages every day. I just try to have a lesson every day, or as many days as possible, and then when I feel like it I assemble a page.)

Oh, and I sooo very much want my boyfriend to get better. I hate it when he gets ill.

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