sábado, 2 de janeiro de 2010

One a.m.

It's 1 am and I'm totally thrilled watching a silly movie I've been meaning to watch for a long time.

Four years ago I went to England for my winter holidays (which in Brazil happen in July) to study english in a real british school. The building is a real school during the school year and during their holidays the place is rented and they have summer courses for teenage students for all around the world. I pretty much fell in love with the place. It is really old, big, like the traditional british country manor. I loved the rooms, beautiful stairs, the whole place was absolutely wonderful. It breathed of history, beauty and magnificence. I miss the place really much, and a while ago I found out there was a movie, called "Wildchild", that took place in that same building. The movie is quite girly and so teenagelike, but I really enjoyed it. I'm still watching, but I feel so good to see the whole place again...

Do you think Cobham Hall would accept a possible college drop out??
'Cause I really think a boarding school must rock!!

By the way, I really feel like reading "Alice in Wonderland" and "The Lord of the Rings". In English. Gosh, I think I'm really excited about this whole New Year energy. Could anyone imagine that??

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