domingo, 2 de maio de 2010

1001 movies to see before you die.

Last year, on my birthday I went with my mother and sister to the Fnac store on Barra Shopping. Since I had, as usual, no idea as to what she could give me as a birthday present, I chose a book I had been meaning to get for a while: 1001 Filmes Para Ver Antes de Morrer.

Obviously, due to my complete lack of capacity to reach a goal, I haven't really sat to watch the movies, but since i had already watched a bunch of them by the time I bought it, and I never really stopped watching movies, eventually I end up getting to watch some of them.
So, today I was reading "Age of Extremes" and I got to a chapter Hobsbawn dedicates to the arts from 1914 to 1945. And he obviously mentions a few of the movies I meant to watch from the 1001 list. So, I picked up the book from the shelf and realized I never checked the boxes for the movies I've already watched. (I'm thinking of putting a new goal on my long list. I'd like to have all these movies I've really liked to watch on DVD. Not only downloaded from the internet, but the real thing, you know?)

Well, let's get to work!!
(I'm going from the newest movies to the old ones, ok?? I think it's a bit easier this way)

Atonement (2007).

I really liked this movie, but on the very moment the credits started rolling I knew it would take a looong time for me to watch it again. The movie really is great, the story is perfectly led, the acting is wonderful, but the meaning of the final twist in the plot is completely overwhelming. I felt like there were a million pounds of weight over me when I finished it. But I would still highly recommend it to anyone.

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ótimos filmes!!