sexta-feira, 14 de janeiro de 2011

List #2.

Last week I started watching a long list of movies I want to watch. Some I've wanted to watch for years, some for only a few days, but I'm trying to catch up. Slowly, but I'll get there...

List #2: Movies I want to watch.
*O Pai da Noiva (antigo)
*A Dama e o Vagabundo
*Godzilla (antigo)
*Mary Poppins
*Menino Maluquinho
*A Pequena Sereia
*Paris when it sizzles

terça-feira, 11 de janeiro de 2011

Don Corleone.

Yes, boyfriend actually made me watch The Godfather yesterday. It is ok, I guess. Not really my kind of movie, but anyway...

Sorry, people, but Marlon Brando's chin really bothers me, it looks weird!! And I'm not a big fan, even now that I've watched it. I don't like watching movies about lots of guns, fights, revenges. I don't know, I just don't get the point of the whole thing.

But I admit, the movie is all about great actors acting marvelous. Marlon Brando, Al Pacino, Diane Keaton, all great jobs!!!

domingo, 9 de janeiro de 2011

Courage is not the absence of fear...

This was the movie I felt like watching this week. The Princess Diaries is one of the books I used to read over and over (until I got too old to even stand Mia's many worries and complaints about life. Sorry. But I really loved it before!!). So the movie had a similar response here at home. I have to say I've watched it quite a lot since I bought it. And thankfully I'm still not done with it.
I mean, it really is quite silly and there are some scenes I'd rather not watched but it's still fun and a good way to spend a couple of hours.

And, well, it has the best cast!! Anne Hathaway is gorgeous, Mandy Moore is totally obnoxious as Lana, Hector Elizondo is great and Julie Andrews is... well, a queen. Absolutely born for the part.

Joe: This is between a waltz and a tango.
Mia: It's a wango?

Michael: Why me?
Mia: Because you saw me when I was invisible.

[running to catch up Mia and Michael]
Lilly: [screaming] WAIT FOR ME WAIT FOR ME!
[Two others teenagers stop, and look at her]
Lilly: Wait. Wait. No, not you - I don't even know you!

Mia: You'll never guess what Josh Bryant just asked me!
Michael: "Can I borrow a comb"?

Queen Clarisse Renaldi: Helen, if Amelia refuses to accept the throne, then Genovia will cease to exist as we know it.
Helen Thermopolis: So the future of your country is in the hands my 15-year-old?

Mia: Hey Joe? Can we park a block away from school? I really don't want to cause a riot with this hearse.
Joe: This is a non-riot hearse. And if it were a hearse there would be silence in the backseat.

Eduard Christoff Philippe GÈrard Renaldi, Prince of Genovia: Courage is not the absence of fear but rather the judgment that something is more important than fear. The brave may not live forever but the cautious do not live at all.

Joe: [speaking to Mia] Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent.
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Queen Clarisse Renaldi: So, where are you taking me?
Mia: Well, uh, do you have any change?
Queen Clarisse Renaldi: No. It's not appropriate for royalty to jingle.
Mia: Okay, I'll get the change.
[cuts to a game arcade]

Yep, that's why I loove to watch it...

Masquerade, Paper Faces on Parade. Masquerade, Hide your Face so the World will Never Find You...

Boyfriend happens to be pretty fond of The Phantom of the Opera, so it was really no surprised when he asked me to rent this one last friday after his qualify. The truth is we both like the movie very much, but we're not so excited about the story. What makes us really interested in it is the gorgeous songs.

Which means we didn't remember the story at all. No one remembered how it ended, no pne could tell if any of the characters died, it was kind of ridiculous, since boyfriend has watched it quite a few times (I admit I realized I'd never watched the entire movie).

The Phantom: [singing as he descends the staircase at the Masquerade Ball] Why so silent, good monsieurs? Did you think that I had left you for good? Have you missed me, good monsieurs? I have written you an opera! Here I bring the finished score - Don Juan Triumphant! Fondest greetings to you all. A few instructions now before rehearsals start: Carlotta must be taught to act, not her normal trick of strutting 'round the stage. Our Don Juan must lose some weight; it's not healthy in a man of Piangi's age. And my managers must learn that their place is in an office! not the arts. As for our star, Miss Christine Daae... no doubt she'll do her best. It's true her voice is good; she knows, though, should she wish to excel, she has much still to learn, if pride will let her return to me, her teacher... her teacher.

Firmin: What a way to run a business. Spare me these unending trials. Half your cast disappears but the crowd still cheers. Opera, to hell with Gluck and Handel; have a scandal and you're sure to have a hit.

The Phantom: [singing to himself] Masquerade / Paper faces on parade / Masquerade/ Hide your face, so the world will never find you

Lefevre: Gentlemen, good luck. If you need me, I shall be in Australia.

Andre: [trying to convince Carlotta to come back and sing] Your public needs you!
Firmin: We need you, too!
Carlotta: Would you not rather have your precious little ingenue?
Andre, Firmin: Signora, no! The world wants you! Prima donna, first lady of the stage! Your devotees are on their knees to implore you!
Andre: Can you bow out when they're shouting your name?
Firmin: Think of how they all adore you!
Andre, Firmin: Prima donna, enchant us once again!
Andre: Think of your muse...
Firmin: And of the queues round the theatre!
Andre, Firmin: Can you deny us the triumph in store? Sing, prima donna, once more!

Madame Giry: [about the Phantom] He's a genius, monsieur. He's an architect and designer; he's a composer and magician. He's a genius!
Raoul: Yes, but it seems genius has turned to madness.

Andre: [as Carlotta storms out] What do we do now?
Lefevre: Grovel. Grovel, grovel, grovel.

Raoul: [to himself] A collector's piece indeed... every detail, exactly as she said... will you still play when all the rest of us are dead?

PS: I didn't know it was Gerard Butler who played the Ghost. But it wasn't hard at all to recognize him. He was gorgeous!!

sábado, 8 de janeiro de 2011

A Week in Review: 2011.1

I have to say, New Year's was great. Spending the weekend away from home with boyfriend and "in laws" turned out to be the best New Year's eve so far.
Unfortunately we had to come back on Sunday, because of the inevitable return to real life...

But the week was actually really nice. I had a friend's birthday on wednesday, which was fun as usual, started (quite slowly) my marathon of movies and set a few goals for this month. I actually realized, after having set the goals, that this month will be a lot shorter, considering I won't be home for ten days, but we'll go with it and see how it turns out.

Boyfriend was sick all week long, but I think he is now getting better, which makes me much happier. By the way, yesterday was his qualification exam for his masters. Well, QUALIFIED!! Not that we had any doubts about it, but it's always better once it's gone, right??

Yeah, I think I can say it was a good week, after all.


Eu tenho que admitir que o ano novo foi ótimo. Passar o final de semana fora de casa com o namorado e os irmãos dele tornou esse o melhor ano novo até agora.
Infelizmente nós tivemos que voltar no domingo, por causa do inevitável retorno à realidade

Mas a semana foi bem legal. Eu fui ao aniversário de um amigo na quarta, que foi divertido como de costume, comecei (apesar de bem devagar) a minha maratona de filmes e coloquei alguns objetivos para esse mês. Na verdade eu percebi, depois de estabelecer os meus objetivos, que esse mês vai ser bem mais curto para mim, dado que eu não estarei em casa por 10 dias, mas vamos deixar rolar e ver no que isso vai dar.

O namorado esteve doente a semana inteira, mas eu acho que ele está melhorando agora, o que me deixa bem mais feliz. Por sinal, ontem foi o exame de qualificação dele no mestrado. Bom, QUALIFICADO! Não que houvesse qualquer dúvida quanto a isso, mas é sempre melhor quando essas coisas passam, não??

É, acho que eu posso dizer que foi uma boa semana, afinal.

terça-feira, 4 de janeiro de 2011

Movie of the day 02/010: How to Steal a Million.

I've been trying to diversify my knowledge when it comes to movies. I mean, I've watched lots of them, but there are still so many I never bothered about and so many I've wanted to watch and never did.
So this week I decided to check one more off my long list: How to Steal a Million.

Plot summary:
Nicole's father, a legendary art collector, lends his prized Cellini Venus to a prestigious Paris museum. Unfortunately, the Venus was *not* sculpted by Cellini but by Nicole's grandfather. (Her father is a forger as well, but his specialty is paintings.) Before tests can be done which would prove the Venus a fake, Nicole enlists the services of "society burglar" Simon Demott to steal the million dollar statue.

[Evaluating Nicole's cleaning-woman costume]
Simon Dermott: Yes, that's fine. That does it.
Nicole Bonnet: Does what?
Simon Dermott: Well, for one thing, it gives Givenchy a night off.
(Her wardrobe in the movie is actually credited to Givenchy)

Simon Dermott: There's the bathroom, take off your clothes.
Nicole Bonnet: Are we planning the same sort of crime?

Charles Bonnet: This tall, good-looking ruffian with blue eyes, he didn't, er, molest you in any way, did he?
[Nicole is staring off dreamily]
Charles Bonnet: Well, did he?
Nicole Bonnet: Not much.

Nicole Bonnet: I can't drive a stolen car!
Simon Dermott: Same principle, four gears forward, one reverse.

Charles Bonnet: I doubt very much if Van Gogh himself would have gone through so much trouble.
Nicole Bonnet: He didn't have to. He was Van Gogh!

Simon Dermott: [about to see Nicole to a taxi] Just one more tiny favour: like an idiot I forgot to wear gloves on the job. I may have left some fingerprints. Be an angel. Before you go to bed, just give the frame of the painting a little wipe with a clean cloth, ok?
Nicole Bonnet: Certainly. Anything else? You wouldn't like a forged passport or some counterfeit money or...

Simon Dermott: Why must it be this particular work of art?
Nicole Bonnet: You don't think I'd steal something that didn't belong to me, do you?
Simon Dermott: Excuse me, I spoke without thinking.

Simon Dermott: Where precisely were you in the early part of the sixteenth century?
Nicole Bonnet: I don't know but that's not how I was dressed.

Simon Dermott: [being introduced to the museum head] Miss Bonnet and I are old friends. We used to shoot together.

Charles Bonnet: [describing Nicole's grandmother who posed for the Venus] Naturally that was before she started eating those enormous lunches.

Simon Dermott: It's National Crime Prevention Week. Take a burglar to dinner.

Simon Dermott: [bumping into Nicole at the museum] Good morning! We meet under the most artistic circumstances.

Simon Dermott: Look, it's early, why don't I show you the real Paris?
Nicole Bonnet: That's very kind of you, but I live here; I was born in Paris.
Simon Dermott: Oh, that's right, I forgot. Well why don't you show me the real Paris.

Simon Dermott: Why don't you wait till you get it home and steal it then? No muss, no fuss, just a nice clean inside job? I'd be happy to offer my services.

Nicole Bonnet: [stuck in the closet with Simon] I didn't think there'd be this much togetherness.
Simon Dermott: Well, it's the height of the tourist season. Everything was book up. It was the best I could do.
Nicole Bonnet: [Simon has opened the door] Marvelous!
Simon Dermott: No applause, please.

Simon Dermott: [crazy Senor Paravideo comes as Nicole and Simon are leaving] Who's that?
Nicole Bonnet: [obviously lying] Papa's cousin... from South America!
Simon Dermott: You know for someone who started lying recently, you're showing a real flare!
Nicole Bonnet: Oh thank you!
[she hugs him]

Simon Dermott: [after leaving a book with some coins inside] Watch for normal human reactions!

segunda-feira, 3 de janeiro de 2011

First things first. + List #1.

I want to get blogging back to my life. I want this blog to be a way of sharing & getting to know pieces of me as much as I want it to help me document life.
I tend to forget that being MY blog this is SUPPOSED to express me and my opinions. I'm supposed to feel free to write anything I feel like here. That's the beauty of the whole thing.

It's all part of a "get it bnack under control" thing. There are certain things I want to do. Some I've wanted for quite some time. So, I 'm planning on doing some of them. And yes, there's no better time ot start things over than the beginning of the year.
Which leads us to...

List #1: THings I'll do in 2011. (Not resolutions. Not wishes. Not promises. GOALS)
*Make at least one crazy/wild decision.
*Go to São Paulo (No parents allowed. Trying to do the things I actually like.)
*Learn to sew.
*Take pictures. Document stuff I love.
*Have more days out of the house.
*Go to the plays/movies/expos/workshops/classes I want to.
*Find out more about myself.
*Eat healthy.
*Grow something.
*Blog more. (Try to set a goal number of posts.)
*Be more assertive.

There will be more goals, so I'll keep updating this every now and then.


Eu quero trazer o blog de volta à minha vida. Quero que esse blog seja uma forma de compartilhar e descobrir mais sobre mim assim como de documentar a vida. Eu tendo a esquecer que como MEU blog ele DEVERIA expressar a mim e as minhas opiniões. Eu deveria me sentir livre para escrever qualquer cosia que me dê vontade aqui. Essa é a beleza da coisa.

Isso é tudo parte de uma coisa meio "voltando e ter as coisas sob controle". Existem algumas coisas que eu quero fazer. Algumas eu já quero há muito tempo. Então, eu estou planejando fazer algumas delas. E sim, essa é a melhor época do ano para começar tudo de novo.
O que nos leva a...

Lista #1: Coisas que eu farei em 2011. (Sem resoluções. Sem desejos. Sem promessas. OBJETIVOS)
*Tomar ao menos uma decisão louca.
*Ir a São Paulo (sem pais. Fazendo exatamente as coisas que eu gosto.)
*Aprender a costurar.
*Tirar fotos. Documentar as coisas que eu amo.
*Ter mais dias fora. Sais mais de casa.
*Ir às peças/filmes/exposições/workshops/aulas que eu tiver vontade.
*Descobrir mais sobre mim mesma.
*Comer coisas mais saudáveis.
*Plantar alguma coisa.
*Postar mais no blog. (Tentar determinar um número de posts a ser alcançado.)
*Ser mais assertiva.

Vão haver mais objetivos, então eu vou continuar fazendo updates de vez em quando.