domingo, 27 de dezembro de 2009


I never thought I'd like a day-long session of painting that much. We bought the paint yesterday, so in order to keep the pace, I wanted to paint it a.s.a.p. So... I spent the whole afternoon doing it, and I think it's pretty much finished. There are still a couple of dark spots where the wall was stained already.
I'm SO HAPPY!!! It's bright yellow, and I already love it! Boyfriend said I'm going to get tired of it, but I really don't care. When I get sick of the whole thing, I'll just find another nice color to put on my wall. This one is called Splendid Sun, and every time mother and sister go near my bedroom they say it looks like the light is on. LOVE IT!!

(A picture will come later, I haven't had the time to take one yet.)

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Anônimo disse...

Yep, I'm definetely using my own blog as a reminder of cute blogs to check out later... I'll try not to do this again, but I can't help it sometimes. You know, I'm at boyfriend's place and I don't want to sign in now...